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Charging Cable - Auto-Disconnect Battery Protection with LED Light

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Don't you hate when your phone battery gets old, and dies after 3-4 hours before you have to charge your phone again?

A battery loses its charge capacity because people leave it charging for way too long after it has been 100% charged. This ruins your battery.

This charging cable fixes this modern day first world problem! This charger will auto-disconnect at full charge to protect your battery. Not to mention it's built with luxury nylon material so it doesn't get dirty or break at the corners like the standard white charging cable.

Suitable for: Phone SE 5 5s 6 6s 6 7 8
Color: Gold, Grey, Tiffany blue, Red
Innovative Charging: Fast charging cable with LED indicator light so you know your charge progress
Length: Lightning to usb cable 1.2m 1.8m
Function: Auto-disconnects at full charge to protect your battery
Material: Zinc Alloy and Nylon Braided

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